Midland’s municipal product line is marketed under the MIDCO name and consists of a unique 360 degree bronze grip ring as a part of the joint restraining system for mechanical joints and gasketed coupling joints.

This MIDCO PERMA GRIP joint restraint has been successfully tested for use on PVC, PVCO (molecularly oriented PVC) and HDPE polyethylene pipe. The ductile iron pipe joint restraint includes a specially engineered heat treated 360 degree bronze grip ring that offers similar results.

Our HDPE Joint Restraint Kits include a 304 steel insert/stiffener. Bronze hinged service saddles are also a part of the MIDCO product line and have also been successfully tested for use on PVCO pipe systems.

Our popular bronze water meter flanges are available individually and in kits that include your choice of gaskets. There are many other products that make up the MIDCO product line such as companion flanges, meter box keys and a select line of plumbing flanges.

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All MIDCO Municipal Products are fully compliant with the California Lead Plumbing Laws:

  • NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G
  • ANSI Standard 372
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Public Law 111-380
  • The National Lead Free Law