Midland Mfg. Co. was established in 1889 as Midland Brass Works. We were a captive foundry producing water well supplies, valves, and gas cocks as its primary products. Mr. John Boicourt, a long-term employee and great-grandfather of our current president acquired the company in the early 1920’s.

Mr. Boicourt also owned Boicourt Machine Co., an iron foundry and manufacturing facility that produced his patented double stroke water pump jack. In 1924 Midland Brass Works and Boicourt Machine Company were merged to become MIDLAND MFG. CO.. Plumbing supplies played a huge roll in our history throughout the first half of the 1900’s. DWV (drain, waste, & vent) fittings became our primary product line until plastics and foreign competition forced us to shift directions becoming a jobbing shop in the early 1960’s.

We have shown a steady growth in the outside casting work, which now accounts for about 60% of our business. An aggressive and continuing modernization program has provided Midland with state of the art equipment and a technological advantage. We remain a leading supplier of water well cylinders and are continuing to improve and expand our MIDCO municipal product line.

In July of 1984 we moved to our present location on 10.6 acres in Southeast Fort Worth. We have over 53,000 square feet of shop area with ample room for expansion. Our current president continues the family tradition by being the fourth family generation to manage Midland Mfg. Co.

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Old Historical Photo | Midland MFG Co.