Water Well Cylinders & Parts – Sold Through Distributors Only

Midland Manufacturing Company began the manufacturing of water well cylinders over 130 years ago in Fort Worth, Texas. During that time period, the water well cylinders have been adapted and enhanced to meet a multitude of conditions and environments to ultimately evolve into one of the premier water well cylinders being used around the globe today.

Our high quality cylinders and components, award winning customer service and continual product improvements, continue to serve a growing customer base as Midland offers a wide variety of both deep and shallow well reciprocating pump cylinders for a wide range of water pumping windmills.

Midland also manufactures many high quality complementary windmill products such as stuffing boxes, low-pressure float valves, tank flanges and more. Midland’s water well cylinders are the industry standard for quality, workmanship and value.

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