MIDCO PERMA GRIP JOINT RESTRAINTS, our proprietary product and design, provides a unique system that supports the pipe by encircling it with a full 360 degree grip. It is simple to use and quick to install. Pressure may be applied immediately with no blocking required.

MIDCO PERMA GRIP Joint Restraints are used on standardized mechanical joints and our MIDCO Coupling Restraints are used on any gasketed coupling joint.

The MIDCO PERMA GRIP restraint is recommended for use on:

  • PVC, Ductile Iron
  • C909 (Ultra Blue) PVCO
  • HDPE (polyethylene) with 304 stainless steel stiffener (included in our kit or sold separately, see Accessories)

All MIDCO Municipal Products are fully compliant with the California Lead Plumbing Laws, NSF/ANSI 61 Annex G, ANSI Standard 372, the National Lead Free Law, The Safe Drinking Water Act, and Public Law 111-380.

Plumbing Goods

Our MIDCO line also includes a series of bronze closet floor flanges, companion flanges and clean-out markers for customers looking for good quality brass plumbing parts Made in America.