HD Water Meter Double Flange Kit – 1 1/2″ Each Kit includes:

  • Two water meter flanges 1 1/2″
  • Two gaskets: full face textured red rubber
  • Four zinc plated nuts and bolts

Oval meter flanges faced and drilled per AWWA C700. Bronze casting C87850 ECOBRASS (.09% lead max). Round flanges conforming to ANSI B16.1. Gaskets ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11; Bolts ANSI B18.2.1; Nuts SAE J995 Grade 5 with dimensional tolerances ANSI B182.2.2; plating ASTM F1491.

All parts and components manufactured 100% in USA.

Additional information

Product Name

1 -1/2" HD Full Face Textured Red Rubber Double WMF Kit


Double Flange Kit