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Emily Lou Harris Freedonia

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Bronze is often utilized for its emblematic qualities of permanence, strength and prestige. The MARCOZA line of cast bronze and aircraft-quality aluminum architectural products, continues the tradition of manufacturing only the finest quality plaques & awards, name plates and historical markers as well as custom address plates, memorials, architectural letters, medallions, and historical & ornamental restorations offering timeless elegance and enduring beauty.


There are options of styles, finishes and backgound colors available and you can also choose to incorporate a 3-D bas relief of an person , logo or family crest; or place a photograph within your plaque to capture the likeness and memory of any person, place or event for future generations.



Review your options below: Click here to create your custom plaque.


Select Plaque Shape: rectangular, square, circular (custom shapes available upon request)


Select Dimensions: height x width_____or_____diameter for circular plaque


Select Background Color: (background custom colors available upon request)

___________black_________________medium brown____________dark brown________


Select BackgroundTexture:



Select Border:

____Inset Line____Double Line____no border____Single Line__


Select Material:

_____Bronze - Traditional, Classic Elegance

_____Aluminum - Lighter Weight, Aircraft Quality


Mounting Options:


_____Hollow Wall Mount using toogle bolts______

_____Blind Stud Mount______________________________



_____Masonry (solid wall) Mount with anchors or adhesive (not supplied)



_____Stake Mount with mounting plate welded to stake at about a 45 degree angle



Click here to create your custom plaque.