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CNC Shopping

Our machine shop boasts some of the newest and most technologically advanced equipment available that offers a variety of post-casting machining operations:

      • CNC Turning (with live tooling)
        • Contour (with supplied program)
        • Form
        • Taper
        • Straight
  • Upright Milling
  • Threading
      • External
      • Internal
  • Counter Sinking
  • Drilling
  • Facing
  • Impregnating
  • Parting/Cutting
  • Pocketing
  • Reaming
  • Tapping

These value added services can help reduce handling and shipping costs of your castings while providing the highest level of service, quality and value for our customers by keeping logistics simple and easy.





3 Horizontal Lathes

1 Horizontal Machining Center

1 High Performance Turning Center

with 20" Swing

with Auto-feed & Dual Machining Stations

with Milling and Y-Axis

CNC ShoppingDSCMazak Horizontal Turning Center



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